Do goodbyes always have to be dramatic?

I can’t think of one goodbye in my life that was not Hollywood-esque. Not purely in the sappy romantic way, but in that ‘this is a moment’ way. The concept of goodbye itself is too finite compared to the reality.

The reality is it’s never really goodbye. More a ‘see you later.’ Or ‘see you in my dreams.’ Or ‘see you in my constant anguish.’ Or ‘see you in my beautifully repainted memories.’ Sometimes paths do cross again. Many times they do not. But the sayings that people and things come into your life to serve a purpose and teach…

September 2019

I last had a haircut in January 2020.

It’s not COVID concerns that are keeping me from going back to the hair salon. Rather it’s what transpired at that appointment. Like a bad breakup I keep replaying it in my mind. But it’s not a broken record at all. It’s one I select on occasion for the record player — pausing at points, coming back to it again weeks later, trying to make some sense of what lesson is intended for me.

Women, and men for that matter, are keenly aware of the challenges of finding adequate stylists for their…

In the wake of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and Botham Jean and Sandra Bland and Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner and Philando Castile and Atatiana Jefferson … and SO many more. Too many more. Too many that I can’t remember the names without having to go look them up. I feel compelled to speak to the people that may share a similar background or experience as me. To ensure that we are each looking at ourselves in the fight toward true allyship of the black person living in America. This is not meant to shift the conversation to my…

Shaista Ali @shastyali

curious. striving for humans to come together in their similarities vs fighting over their differences.

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